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Corporate group

Mercaterra is an international, multi-functional group of procurement-services companies focused on wholesale supplies of durable goods. Our affiliated companies work in the same fields locally and internationally. Their presence in multiple jurisdictions enables Mercaterra to provide the best solutions for global trade and logistics. Having local teams and offices also means we can facilitate business relations with manufacturers and prospective customers quickly and flexibly, speaking the same business language and applying our knowledge of regional cultural, regulatory, and political specifics.

Diversified experience

Mercaterra covers a variety of industries providing a broad range of durable goods. We provide everything from raw materials to complex equipment for manufacturing, research and development. Working on numerous and diverse engagements with customers, we have gathered a huge base of "street-smart" knowledge and experience with a focus on out-of-the-box thinking. When it comes to paperwork, logistics, customs or complicated installations, we have been there and done that and have solutions ready for you. Our broad, diversified background gives us a "leg up" on the competition in completing projects, simple or complex, efficiently and effectively.

International experize


Regions and countries vary enormously in their laws and regulations, their political and social environments, and the foibles inherent in their business interactions. These can easily turn the procurement process into a maze. We are expert navigators in this world. Our multinational teams have experience gained from a seemingly infinite number of varied projects around the globe. We know what shortcuts to take and what pitfalls to avoid in dealing successfully with any domestic or transnational project. Whether the issue is manufacturer choice, quality control, the handling and delivery of goods or equipment installations and training, we execute our global and local procurement tasks in the highest-quality manner.

Efficient flexibility

Even the best procurement strategies run into problems during implementation. Humans can make mistakes, machines can malfunction or governments can set new regulations. Our agile teams have the maneuverability and freedom necessary to assess, make decisions and adapt quickly in changing conditions. We are extremely flexible and efficient in responding to shifting external factors. So, no matter what, drawing on the resources available, we deliver balanced solutions that satisfy project goals.

Lab testing and mesurement equipment
Lab, testing and <br> mesurement equipment
Lab testing and <br> mesurement equipment

Lab, testing and
mesurement equipment

Technological research and development drives progress. In this area, we offer a broad range of equipment that can be of substantial benefit should you, for example, need to invent and create, modulate conditions or diagnose and measure results to make sure values correspond. We offer climate chambers and analyzers, calibrators and testers, spectrometers and centrifuges, microscopes and vision systems and thermal and cryogenic equipment to name several. Whatever you need or even imagine you might need, we have it or can get it for you.

Lab testing and mesurement equipment
Commercial and household equipment
Commercial and household equipment

Household and commercial
goods and equipment

Besides goods and equipment on a grand scale, we also often procure goods and equipment for customers that play fundamental roles in our daily lives. We will always need tanks to store water or dumpsters for our trash. Yards still need lawnmowers and roads need rock crushers. People still buy soda from vending machines and do their laundry. Orders for such goods usually get initiated when the old ones wear out. We share our customers need and desire for new things that perform better and last longer. We can provide special tools, household appliances, commercial laundry and kitchen equipment, vending machines and cleaning equipment, power tools and special-purpose machines. We keep a long list of quality goods and equipment that can keep businesses and homes running the way we like them to run. We deliver them successfully all the time and are more than happy to take on new orders.

Lab testing and mesurement equipment
Industrial equipment, Robotics and machinery
Industrial equipment, Robotics and machinery

Industrial equipment,
Robotics and machinery

Our equipment procurement scale goes from micro to macro: starting with a simple workshop for study or an experimental lab to model prototypes and moving all the way up to modern factories with high-tech production lines. We deliver equipment that realizes visions and turns blueprints into finished products. We purchase machines that build objects and other machines, as well as devices that optimize production and improve maintenance. These include lathes, milling/polishing/grinding machines, waste-handling and recycling equipment, industrial robots and drones, lasers, plasma or water-jet cutting and processing machines, 3D printers and industrial ovens, food production and processing equipment and renewable energy devices and apparatus. With top-end equipment, you can achieve cost reductions, quality improvements, increased production speed and precision, amplified production capacity, decreased pollution or any other outcome you would like. All you need to do is decide what you need and when you need it. We take care of the procurement.

Lab testing and mesurement equipment
Professional and consumer electronics and parts
Professional and consumer electronics and parts

Professional and
consumer electronics and parts

We live, most of us anyway, in a world of electronics. Smart and connected devices have become an essential part of the developed and developing world, whether you are using your smart-phone to surf the Internet, running software on your tablet to control stage lights, hitting a button to broadcast video on huge LED screens or performing any of millions of other tasks or activities. We have strong experience in dealing with electronics ranging from unique or common production parts and components to complex hardware setups for major projects. Whatever your electronics needs, we do it all: professional audio, video and lighting equipment, SAT equipment, network and communications equipment, large-scale screens,  microchips, diodes, capacitors and microelectronic parts, control modules, the list is practically endless.

Lab testing and mesurement equipment
Materials and goods for construction and manufacturing
Materials and goods for construction and manufacturing

Materials and goods for

Besides providing the equipment needed to make things, we also provide the manufacturing inputs needed for these machines to function and produce. Our track record includes conducting long-term direct supply procurement operations for many different businesses in manufacturing and construction. These clients need a continuous, precise and consistent supply of goods or stock materials, whether they be drilling pipes or construction fittings, bricks and fasteners, HVAC parts and electrical supplies, chemical preservatives and essential oils, raw plastics and textiles or packaging and boxing materials. We excel at and enjoy meeting the challenges inherent in each contract. Indeed, we view these engagements as yet another opportunity to prove the value of our skills, knowledge and experience in direct procurement.

Government Institutions

Who calls on Mercaterra for our procurement services? Governments, for one. We work with local municipalities, regional departments and federal agencies at all levels. We also work with a broad range of civil, military and law enforcement organizations. We know that transparency and competitiveness are critical criteria to government procurement decisions, and we put these qualities first and foremost as we navigate through the various bidding processes. We also view every contract or order we win as an opportunity to serve nations, communities, societies and individuals by improving their standard of living and helping guarantee social order.

Corporate clients

Besides governments and education/research institutions, we fulfil the procurement needs of a wide variety of businesses professionally and efficiently. We take pride in being known for meeting the financial and time limits established in contracts or orders. We care deeply about our clients needs, which is why we diligently attend to their procurement goals and objectives. Our business clients include manufacturers, mining companies, banks, stores, farms, biotech companies, restaurants and food producers to name just a few. Every business that procures goods, whatever its size or scale, has a target to reach. Each machine, equipment set, raw material or good has its value and importance for our clients. We know that any firm that attains and maintains membership on the Fortune 500 list, or aspires to do so, needs to focus on doing what it does best and its mission and let other things be handled by the best-qualified professionals. We are passionate about fulfilling that role in procurement for our current and future customers worldwide. 

Education and
reseach institutions

We also serve all types of education and research organizations, including colleges, universities, institutes and even standalone laboratories. We pay special attention to them in terms of searching for available discounts and special offers from manufacturers that support buying initiatives for education and research entities. We recognize that these institutions form the foundation of technical, cultural and social progress. They dedicate their activities to expanding human knowledge. We are very proud of the projects we have already accomplished for these customers and are passionate about continuing our work with them and our involvement, in whatever capacity possible, in helping propel the world forward.

Intergovernmental and
nonprofit organizations

This is an area we take special pride in serving. To date, we have participated in international projects around the world run by the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other similar foundations and nonprofit entities. Performing procurement for these customers often requires additional attention along with courteous and personalized supervision. We greatly appreciate the opportunities we get to work with such customers and their desire to work with us, which is a testament to our transparent, open procurement procedures. The activities and endeavors of these clients focus on goals such as solving human problems, improving our environment and bettering the lives of people in many different places. We know that even simple orders from them come with a high cost of failure and so require the utmost in professionalism and hands-on experience. If anything, being involved in their humanitarian work inspires us to go beyond above and beyond as we fulfill their procurement needs.