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We started our business in late 2009, diving into the specifics of government and corporate procurement procedures all over the world. We focused on learning their intricacies as we formed the outstanding team that became the foundation for the Mercaterra Group. Since then, we have evolved from a consulting firm into a provider of an aggregation of complex procurement solutions. Today, we offer our customers a comprehensive spectrum of services to fulfill their direct or indirect procurement needs.


Descriptions of procurement services usually involve paragraph after paragraph of boring professional jargon. It all boils down to one thing: implementing and maintaining an efficient procurement decision-making process that saves you money and achieves the best result. Businesses and governments that achieve this do world’s better than others. 
We work from a simple premise. If your activities involve spending money—whether it is buying new equipment for R&D, upgrading or building a new production line, seeking better quality or prices for materials, reducing  logistics expenses, or cutting maintenance costs—we are ready and able to help. 
We know from our long experience with procurement that we live in the imperfect world. Even small mistakes and malfunctions in systems cause serious consequences: delays in supply chains, fines due to incorrect paperwork, or, worse, purchases made from high-pressure salespeople who focus more on meeting sales quotas than serving your needs. In the latter case, more suitable options often come to light later and you’re left with buyer’s regret and disappointment, neither of which compensate for time and money lost. In the end, it’s the taxpayers and customers who pay for such mistakes. Better to avoid them in the first place. That’s why in our work we focus on constantly fine-tuning our procurement processes, making sure we know all the critical variables that apply to your specific requirements and circumstances.

The Mercaterra Group is all about being savvy regarding procurement and passing on the benefit of that knowledge to our clients. We stay involved from start to finish in the procurement of services or goods, whether it be for research institutions, hospitals, law enforcement or civil service agencies, nonprofit organizations, or corporations. Each client has unique goals and needs. Each seeks economic efficiency and timely results. Each has complex and constantly evolving challenges to meet in all aspects of their operations. We know this, and we know how to help. In fact, we have dedicated ourselves to taking care of all procurement needs and resolving any problems, and this lets agencies, municipalities, companies, and other organizations focus their time and resources on their primary goals and responsibilities. What makes this possible is the agile, multitask-capable teams and local offices we have established around the world to facilitate strong “hands-on” relationships with businesses and government authorities. The experience, extensive knowledge, and “street smarts” we have gained from this approach enable us to create a unique “package” of solutions for each client’s needs and then implement them to best effect.


We applaud those who seek the best procurement solutions and strive to keep their spending transparent and their procedures open. We enjoy working for those who value such standards, and we incorporate them into our own services. Our goal is to excel in our work such that customers have the utmost trust in us to manage their procurement processes and expenses. We always play on the side of our clients and their teams, putting their interests first. We do this because it is a sound business philosophy but even more so we do it because it “rebels” against the often-sluggish and inefficient systems of sales and solicitations. Our end goal in serving clients in this manner is to improve all aspects of procurement and, by association, the entire world of commerce that depends on it.
Finally, with all due respect to our current and any prospective partners, we emphasize here that we don't bond ourselves with or bend to the whims of any particular brands or companies as we seek goods or services on behalf of our clients. We remain openminded and tuned into each customer’s needs and make impartial, independent decisions regarding what we propose for them. In short, we are not in the business of selling ourselves. Rather, we’re in the business of buying the right things in the right way.


Today, the rapidly changing world of globalization and digital technologies is constantly dissolving distances and eliminating communications delays. Still, the procurement industry is often held back by what seem like “archaic” rules and regulations, traditions, human habits, and unwritten practices. These are common to almost all countries and even to local communities. Admittedly, some of these constraints are vital in helping the state, municipality, or locals survive and compete. On the other hand, some of these restrictions promote stagnation across the business, industry, science, medicine, education, and social institution spectrum. Our mission is to bridge the business gaps created by the global inconsistencies and irregularities in how commerce is governed via our services. By offering affordable access to all the world's innovations, whether they be in physical goods and equipment or approaches to processes or services, we remediate many of the challenges raised by borders and regulations and thus alleviate the problems our customers face in meeting their procurement requirements.

Again, we know the procurement world is not perfect. But the fact that we know why this is helps us find the best path to procure in a smart, efficient, cost-effective manner, staying flexible, adaptive, and open-minded in every engagement we take. We apply progressive, out-of-box thinking and apply our diverse knowledge and experience to reduce risk and achieve best-practice results for clients. We're passionate about discovering or creating and then applying innovations and improvements. Every contract or order we fulfill is much more than “just a job to be done.” Each one brings us a better understanding of our clients and how to best organize our efforts on their behalf. This applies in every case, whether we are helping to engineer a water supply for small village or assisting a government as it prepares for a Mars mission. Our philosophy is this. Don't talk about making the world better place. Just do your job in the best way possible and the world will become better. How can it not?

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