Our Capabilities

In our engineering efforts, we rely on our dedicated team of specialists and modern production facility, along with all the necessary resources and machinery to handle all stages of equipment engineering. Starting from scratch, we design and develop equipment up to the final production stages of assembly and tests.

Today, Mercaterra Baltic has more than 6,000 square meters of production premises located in the logistically convenient suburb of Riga in Latvia. Our engineers and specialists have a long track record of successful projects and a great and unique history. The equipment developed and manufactured by our team uninterruptedly functions in more than 20 different countries. Our production is the final stage in the process of creating custom equipment and technological systems, composed of the assembly of various high-tech units and apparatuses, furnishing and fine-tuning their interconnections to create complete, state-of-the-art systems to fulfill customers' needs in processing or production within their given industry.

Research and Development

Within given challenges of work in this direction, we also take care of developingĀ  regularly and normative documents, operating and working manuals, standard and technical requirements along with any other paperwork required for the existing and newly developed products, operational processes, and production as a whole. We conduct necessary R&D activities along with the further design and architecture of new parts, products, and systems, manufacturing those when it comes to the application of new materials and technologies in the context of integrating the new, advanced equipment and systems into existing or newly developed cycles of production or processing.

Industrial Engineering

In our equipment engineering and production, all manufacturing processes are conducted in compliance with the highest standards and common practices used in the industry. Whether it comes to an assembly stage when laying electrical wiring, installing the pipeline system, or when it comes to monitoring and testing any of those systems, fuel tanks, or other containers for a leak test or any other procedures, we dedicate our attention to all these matters in the best manner.

We conduct active work in the field of modernizing our industrial engineering. One of our goals is to increase the efficiency of our production while reducingĀ  labor intensity. We achieve this by optimizing all assembly and technological processes, improving the tool designs, and other approaches in our equipment engineering efforts. To improve outcomes and decrease the disadvantages of manual labor, we use automated assembly stands, precise laser measuring systems, and many other features of automation of production processes to advance the quality of our work.