Conveying Systems

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a production or extraction of bulk materials
without the automatization of a continuous material handling system.

Our company offers turnkey solutions for such systems and for addressing the technical procedures that have already been adopted on site.

Our conveying systems connect individual processing units or entire production 
facilities of one plant into a whole, self-sufficient industrial complex that can 
operate 24/7.

Using the arsenal of our qualified personnel, long years of experience, and reliable partners, we imple-ment wide range of tasks starting from the development of a design through the supply of necessary equipment and its further installation and commissioning. 

Each conveying system has an architecture of various elements. Our company offers complete sys-tems and their components, as indicated below.



Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are an essential part of any bulk solids handling.

Low power consumption, ability to transport materials with different physical properties, and superior operational reliability are the main advantages that form a high demand for belt conveyors.

Tripper Car

The main purpose of a tripper car is to unload or redirect material from any point of a fixed or movable belt conveyor to another conveyor or simply on the floor.

Tripper cars come in different designs and their principle movement is by rail or track. 

Tripper cars are often used in combination with belt conveyors, allowing them to integrate into entire conveying systems.

Loadout and feeding hoppers

Hoppers are designed to load out materials onto transportations systems or other production lines. 

Equipped with filters and wear-off protection, feeding hoppers can function without repair or maintenance for long period of time.

Material loading stations to vehicles

The final stage of most materials handling processes is storing or loading them onto vehicles to be sent for further distribution. 

We provide engineering of integrated systems and supply the necessary equipment for materials load-ing onto railroad cars or motor vehicles. Each system is tailored and designed to fit customer’s needs and to advance uninterruptable operation in fully automated mode.

Loading stations can be equipped with systems for the leveling of material in a vehicle and spraying systems for material to suppress dust or provide oil treatment for freezing prevention.

You can get detailed information on conveying systems upon request.