Pumping stations

Pumping stations

The pumping station with an automated control system based on electric pump units of type K,electric pumps KM, CMS, is designed for pumping oil products with temperatures ranging from-40 to +50 ° C, viscosity up to 10-4m2 / s (100 cSt) more than 0.2%and no larger than 0.2 mm.

Pumping station provides

• the safest transfer of petroleum products;

• diagnostics of the operation of the pump unit and installed sensors;

• full protection of the motor of the pump unit;

• control and diagnostics from a computer at a distance;

• an intuitive multi-level menu (all parameters are programmed with the buttons on the cabinet controller) or from a computer;

• text information on the LCD display of the controller of the control cabinet on the station status, possible malfunctions;

• manual operation mode - using the “Start” and “Stop” buttons from the control cabinet or from the pump unit;

• remote operation mode;

• work on external sensors (dry contact) - “dry running” sensor, low level sensor, high level sensor, limit level sensor;

• minimum number of cables.